Partial view of a Geiger Textiles Pillow in burnt-orange Bellano Bittersweet fabric.


Line drawing of two rectangular Geiger Textiles Pillows.


Width: 18", 21"

Height: 9", 10 ¹⁄₂"

Line drawing of two square Geiger Textiles Pillows.


Width: 18", 21"

Height: 18", 21"

For a full listing of precise product dimensions, consult the price book.


A page from a Geiger marketing piece showing textile options.


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A square Geiger Textiles Pillow, 18 inches by 18 inches, in light gray Bellano Fog fabric with duck feather fill.

Duck feather-filled inserts

A stack of three square Geiger Textiles Pillows in yellow, light gray, and blue fabric.

Choose from more than 30 patterns available in numerous colorways

Four Geiger Textiles Pillows in light gray, blue, yellow, and magenta fabric, arranged together to show the different sizes.

Available in four sizes: 18-inches square, 9 by 18 inches, 21-inches square, and 10 1/2 by 21 inches


A graphic depiction of two arrows forming a partial circle within a circle.

Rooted in Community

We strive to make sustainable choices about everything from the wood we harvest to the waste we generate.

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A circular image with the words, 12 Year, against a red background.

Crafted to Perform

Our products are crafted to perform for the people who use them for 12 years, with limited exceptions.

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