Geiger Textiles

Brighton Collection

A row of seven textiles from Geiger's Brighton Collection in various colors and patterns.

British sporting life inspired these plaids, tweeds, twills, and matte velvets

BassamFellows drew inspiration from British sporting life and touring cars for their Brighton Collection. Two plaids, featuring a complexity of colors, would look right at home in the interior of one of the veteran autos in the annual London to Brighton car run; a pair of tweeds channel the spirit of classic British sporting attire; a rugged, hard-wearing twill and a noble velvet balance out the collection.


A sample of the Classic Velvet pattern from Geiger's Brighton textile collection, shown in gray.

Classic Velvet

Adding to the core of staples available from Geiger Textiles, Classic Velvet features a non-directional pile designed for easy maintenance and to be cool to the touch, making it suitable for all climates. Its 100 percent polyester content offers the performance of contract textiles and the matte look of a cotton velvet.Classic Velvet Spec Sheet

A sample of the Essential Twill pattern from Geiger's Brighton textile collection, shown in red.

Essential Twill

Designed to complement Twill Plaid, Essential Twill expands options for designers looking to create integrated environments. Its eight colorways pick up the highlights and background colors used in Twill Plaid. Reminiscent of World War II raincoats, this beautiful basic twill reads as a solid, but offers a subtle bi-color effect.Essential Twill Spec Sheet

A sample of the Twill Plaid pattern from Geiger's Brighton textile collection, shown in shades of blue.

Twill Plaid

One of two hand-drawn and custom-colored plaids designed by BassamFellows for the collection, Twill Plaid is larger in scale and sportier than Pick-Stitch. Both patterns start small, with squares that grow along both horizontal and vertical axes. A distinctive twill weave also adds a diagonal twist to Twill Plaid, helping it feel more dynamic than uniform in application. It’s the “weekend wear” plaid of the Brighton Collection.Twill Plaid Spec Sheet

A sample of the Wool Tweed pattern from Geiger's Brighton textile collection, show in gray.

Wool Tweed

Made in New Zealand from ultra-soft, locally sourced wool, this multicolored woolen fabric is reminiscent of Donegal tweed, characterized by bright flecks of color randomly woven throughout. Originating in Ireland and Scotland, the first tweeds were handwoven using a classic basket weave construction. Our Wool Tweed exemplifies industrialized craft, using modern loom technology to create a handwoven aesthetic, in seven fresh colorways that brings newness to this archetypal construction.Wool Tweed Spec Sheet