Geiger Textiles

Framework Collection

A row of six textiles from Geiger's Framework Collection in various colors and patterns.

Five complex patterns that range from textured chenilles to large-scale graphic plaids

The exploration of traditional Scandinavian household linens that inspired BassamFellows’ Solene Collection was such a bountiful source of inspiration, its structural grids and crisp cottons carried through to the Framework Collection, the duo’s follow up collaboration with Geiger Textiles. Each construction combines thick and thin yarns to create a beautiful, three-dimensional irregularity that catches the interplay of light.


A sample of the Gridwork pattern from Geiger's Framework textile collection, shown in shades of blue and gray.


A fresh take on a traditional plaid, Gridwork layers multiple yarn colors to create its large-scale, interlocking grid pattern. Comprised of 100-percent post-consumer recycled polyester, it not only contributes to the aesthetics of a project, but also to efforts to achieve LEED certification. It’s bleach-cleanable to help keep it beautiful even in high-use applications.Gridwork Spec Sheet

A sample of the Iota pattern from Geiger's Framework textile collection, shown in light gray.


Iota puts another two-toned foundational pattern in play for neatly tailored Geiger seating, including Tuxedo Component Lounge and Saiba Chairs. This softly textured chenille is available in 15 colorways including jewel tones, brights, and neutrals, all based on pigments found in nature.Iota Spec Sheet

A sample of the Irregular Grid pattern from Geiger's Framework textile collection, shown in blue.

Irregular Grid

Named for its irregular grid-like pattern, Irregular Grid falls between the large-scale pattern of Gridwork and the clean graphic of Pantile. In application, the pattern reads very textural, and can act as a bridge to tie together other textiles, including other patterns from the Framework Collection.Irregular Grid Spec Sheet

A sample of the Pantile pattern from Geiger's Framework textile collection, shown in red and white.


Pantile is woven to create an irregular, two-tone, dimensional checked pattern, accented with bold pops of color. It is produced by the same Italian mill that weaves Milaner, Capri, and Sommar, creating a hand-crafted look using modern loom technology. This common origin gives Pantile a similar hand-woven look and feel as those textiles.Pantile Spec Sheet