Geiger Textiles

Leather Alternatives

A stack of textiles featuring polyurethane in gray, brown, and tan tones.

Leather alternatives that balance elevated aesthetics, cost-effectiveness, and hardworking durability

Beyond the value, high-performance durability, and stain resistance expected from polyurethanes, leather alternatives from Geiger Textiles also upholster beautifully on a wide range of seating. Each of these polyurethane options offers a distinct appearance—the distressed look of Antico, the natural grain of Granno, the metallic luster of Lucio, and the pebbled texture of Vaquero.

Polyurethane Upholstery product sheet


A sample of the Antico pattern from Geiger, shown in a shade of black.


Antico has an antiqued, almost distressed appearance, creating a two-toned effect from depth of the grain. Additionally, an ink- and stain-resistant finish blocks dye transfer from indigo denim, putting its neutral colorways in play for high-traffic applications.

A sample of the Granno pattern from Geiger, shown in a shade of gray.


Combining high durability with the soft hand and natural look of leather, Granno provides a go-to leather alternative for practically any commercial application. A proprietary ink- and stain-resistant finish gives Granno an invisible barrier of protection against stains, including indigo-dyed denim.

A sample of the Lucio pattern from Geiger, shown in a shade of cream.


With a subtle luster that calls to mind polished metal, and a soft buttery hand, Lucio’s unsurpassed durability seems almost secondary. Far from it, the polycarbonate construction—the strongest of polyurethane resins—gives Lucio durability to match its refined aesthetic.

A sample of the Vaquero pattern from Geiger, shown in a shade of gray.


A pronounced pebble grain lends the look of hand-rubbed leather to Vaquero. This dimensionality highlights the peaks and valleys of the surface, creating a two-toned effect. A 100-percent polyurethane, Vaquero is not only highly durable, but it also upholsters easily.