Geiger Textiles


A row of five leather samples from Geiger Textiles in various colors.

Natural leather hides enrich environments with a feeling of timelessness

Leather enriches its immediate environment with an air of timelessness. Its surface is hardwearing, and with time, can develop a stately patina. Similar to wood, each leather hide has an individual story, making each Geiger piece unique. Geiger Textiles offers a range of leather options, including Bristol, a Geiger Textiles staple available in 42 colors, and Tenera, a robust full-grain leather.

Leathers product sheet


A sample of the Bristol Leather pattern from Geiger, shown in black.

Bristol Leather

Bristol has been a trusted staple in the Geiger suite for decades. We’ve expanded the colorways available for this full-grain, semi-aniline dyed leather to 42 rich colors inspired from pigments found in nature. This includes an expanded selection of whites and neutrals, brightly hued blues, oranges, and reds, and deeply saturated, almost black shades of aubergine, greens, brown, and navy.Bristol Leather Spec Sheet

A sample of Semplice leather from Geiger Textiles, shown in white.

Semplice Leather

Semplice is a top grain, corrected leather, embossed to give the surface a uniform small-scale texture. Semi-aniline dyed, Semplice has a color pigmented topcoat giving the leather an even color. The added embossing and color pigment can be used to hide imperfections, and also offers protection, making it suitable in higher traffic applications. Semplice Leather Spec Sheet

A sample of the Tenera Leather pattern from Geiger, shown in copper.

Tenera Leather

Tenera is a thicker, more robust full-grain leather weighing approximately 3.5oz per square foot. Tenera possesses an enhanced grain to create a uniform, lightly pebbled texture. Like Bristol, the Tenera colorways complement the natural color palette of Gegier Textiles. Autumnal hues range from stone-tinged neutrals and greys to warmer sepia-hued mustards and browns with rich raspberry and terracotta reds. Tenera Leather Spec Sheet