Geiger Textiles

Milaner and Capri

A row of six Milaner and Capri patterns from Geiger Textiles in various colors.

A pairing of Italian-woven textiles that merges industrial technology with artisanal techniques

This textile duo designed by BassamFellows is reminiscent of hand-woven materials, privileging integrity of construction and blending of natural fibers, including wool, alpaca, and cotton. Crafted at a fine Italian weaving mill using the perfect blend of industrial technologies and artisanal techniques, each pattern is distinct, yet highly complementary.

Milaner and Capri product sheet


A sample of the Milaner pattern from Geiger Textiles, shown in red.


Milaner is a plain weave with a mixture of yarns both heavy and fine. A mélange of fibers—wool, acrylic, alpaca, cotton, nylon, and rayon—creates a heathered texture and subtle check. It owes its soft hand, reminiscent of fine suiting material, in part to the alpaca content. Its color palette ranges from beiges to dark brown, a deep navy, and gradation of greys, with a bold crimson accent.Milaner Spec Sheet

A sample of the Capri pattern from Geiger Textiles, shown in blue.


Capri is a highly textured fabric. It’s woven with a combination of loosely spun, irregular heavy yarn and a finer, more tightly spun cotton, which recedes in the fabric’s background to give Capri a multidimensional effect. As a result, areas of varying density emerge. Despite its uneven appearance, Capri’s high cotton content gives it a soft hand, making it appropriate in almost every climate.Capri Spec Sheet