Geiger Textiles

Sartorial Collection

A row of six textiles from Geiger's Sartorial Collection in various colors and patterns.

Geiger Textiles’ strong menswear influence is on full display with these five versatile patterns

Geiger Textiles collaborated with BassamFellows to create the five menswear-inspired patterns of the Sartorial Collection. From the heavy weavings of Corded Stripe, Double Beam Redux, and True Herringbone to the subtle three-dimensionality of Mini Plaid and Micro Houndstooth, the collection offers a variety of texture and scale through patterns that are integral to their constructions.


A sample of the Corded Stripe pattern from Geiger's Sartorial textile collection, shown in shades of blue, green, and black.

Corded Stripe

Corded Stripe is a modern interpretation of the traditional rep weave produced on a specialty wire velvet loom, creating an épinglé construction. The pattern is inspired by a traditional stripe found in men’s neckwear, with thin and thick stripes creating a calming symmetry. This exceptionally versatile palette integrates six restrained colors of yarn, which reference colors from prior BassamFellows collections, making Corded Stripe a strong statement piece that coordinates well across the Geiger Textiles offering.Corded Stripe Spec Sheet

A sample of the Double Beam Redux pattern from Geiger's Sartorial textile collection, shown in beige.

Double Beam Redux

As the name implies, Double Beam Redux is a reinterpretation of Double Beam from Geiger Textiles’ Ensemble Collection. Both textiles use the same double-beam loom, which produces fabrics of great heft. With Double Beam Redux, the basket weave construction combines a lustrous rayon warp with a new matte post-consumer recycled polyester to pass the CA TB 117-2013 upholstery flammability test. In addition, a fine black yarn has been added to give each box a subtle outline that creates a small checker pattern. BassamFellows also updated the seven colorways based on their color study of natural pigments.Double Beam Redux Spec Sheet

A sample of the Mini Plaid pattern from Geiger's Sartorial textile collection, shown in gray.

Mini Plaid

With a construction that defies expectations for a plaid, Mini Plaid employs a crepe weave and gradating colors within each box of the pattern to create a soft, three-dimensional appearance. The 12 colorways range from neutral to vibrant, including oranges, reds and blues that can be mixed with other natural tones to beautiful effect within a room environment. Another hardworking textile, Mini Plaid can be cleaned easily with water, solvent, or diluted household bleach, making it appropriate in high-traffic applications.Mini Plaid Spec Sheet

A sample of the True Herringbone pattern from Geiger's Sartorial textile collection, shown in red.

True Herringbone

True Herringbone makes an elegant, lasting impression. It is a large-scale reinterpretation of classic herringbone patterns found in parquetry and masonry as well as high-end menswear. Based on traditional needlepoint construction, the woven pattern uses a three-color striation in the filling direction complemented by the subtle shine of the warp threads. Colors in each of the nine colorways are mixed with natural tones (beige or gray) to create an effect that is easy on the eye.True Herringbone Spec Sheet