Geiger Textiles

Taconic Collection

A stack of six gray, blue, and purple textiles from the Taconic Collection.

Designed by Joseph White

Five patterns built on traditional constructions, with a depth of color and character

Inspired by designer Joseph White’s childhood ties to Appalachia, the Taconic Collection pairs traditional handwoven constructions with a thoughtful exploration of tonality and tactility. Each of these five seating textiles began on the loom in White’s Brooklyn studio. The medium-scale patterns, breadth of color, and non-orthogonal geometry of the collection represent a subtle, yet intentional expansion of the Geiger Textiles offer.

Taconic Collection product sheet


A swatch of Amenia Fog.


In Amenia’s straightforward construction, wool yarns are pressed through a netted nylon and polyester structure, creating a texture that plays in shifting light, revealing subtle flecks of unexpected color. Even in a small-scale pattern, this depth of color means that pieces upholstered in Amenia might take on slightly different looks throughout the day. Amenia comes in the same 11 colorways as its larger-scale version, Dorset, so they can be paired together easily.
Amenia Spec Sheet

A swatch of Claremont Dark Denim.


Subtle flecks of unexpected color come out in each of Claremont’s 12 colorways, an effect of the three different yarn colors—one base and two contrasting—that make up the pattern. Because these contrast colors don’t present themselves right away, the result is a textile that reads differently from different angles, adding detail and depth as it beautifully wraps the curves of a sofa or lounge chair.
Claremont Spec Sheet

A swatch of Dorset Magenta.


During the development of his Amenia pattern, designer Joseph White wanted the wool brought forward in the construction. After some back-and-forth during the development process, he realized he had essentially created a larger-scale version, which became Dorset. He decided to keep both patterns in the collection, and we offer each in the same 11 colorways to create opportunities for beautifully coordinated palettes.
Dorset Spec Sheet

A swatch of Foothills Cobalt Stripe.


The Foothills pattern is a graphic reference to the foothills of the Taconic range of the Appalachian Mountains. This textural blend of matte wool and lustrous rayon began as a handwoven pattern that designer Joseph White created on his loom. The industrial process of recreating it allowed it to be offered in two versions: with or without stripes.
Foothills Spec Sheet

A swatch of Graphton Atlantic.


Designer Joseph White based this pattern on a traditional Appalachian quilting pattern known as “Step Around the Mountain.” The result is a gridded pattern that highlights the contrasting textures of its content, with the wool more prominent on the surface, and perfectly color-matched to the infill of cotton and nylon.
Graphton Spec Sheet