Black-and-white image of a product drawing, pencil, wood block, and shim on a wood surface.

A Drive for Quality

The contract furniture industry loves its standards. At Geiger, we must love standards even more, since ours are so much higher than everyone else's.

In our manufacturing facilities in Atlanta, Georgia and Hildebran, North Carolina—near the traditional furniture center of Hickory—you’ll see a combination of state-of-the-art manufacturing muscle and time-honored handcraft techniques. Computer-assisted industrial routers shape chair frames, ultraviolet light cures wood stains, and other high-tech equipment whirs alongside seasoned craftspeople and upholsterers with know-how earned over decades in the business. It all works together to create furnishings of a singular character, moving the execution of our designs ever closer to perfection.

Today, designers such as Naoto Fukasawa and Mark Goetz cite our exacting standards as part of the reason they choose to work with Geiger. We meet their vision at the apex of craft and technology, all in an effort to address the functional needs of our customers with beautifully understated sophistication.

Black-and-white image of a Geiger craftsman operating a woodworking machine.

Veteran craftspeople bring decades of experience to the hand-assembly and -finishing of our most intricate Geiger products at our Atlanta facility.

Expressions of Quality

A Foundation in Craft

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