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Revit FAQs

Revit Add-In FAQs


  • CAD Pack is compatible with AutoCAD versions 2014 to 2020.

  • Yes. The CAD Pack Product Browser runs on 64-bit Windows operating systems. Users having trouble placing products directly into AutoCAD should place products by choosing Copy to Clipboard or Save DWG As... from the Placement Options pull-down.

  • Yes. The CAD Pack Product Browser has two new symbol placement options that allows the symbol to be copied to clipboard or saved as a DWG file. DWG files can be inserted into other CAD software such as AutoCAD LT, Google SketchUp, and Revit Architecture.

  • Download and install the CAD Pack application and product catalogs. Select from the Product Catalogs a product or typical, select the Placement Option to be Save DWG As..., and save the file to a folder location. In SketchUp, select File and Import, select the Options button, set the Scale Units to Inches, and select DWG file to complete import process.

  • No. You need to use the TakeOff Select Symbols and TakeOff Create SIF/Report functions in order to create a SIF file that can be read into Herman Miller's specIT program or a third-party specification software package.

  • First, start AutoCAD. Next, open the CAD Pack Product Browser from the Herman Miller CAD Pack icon on the desktop. To download a product catalog, select from the menu Product Catalogs and Download Catalogs, then choose which catalogs to download. Next, choose a Product Catalog and select the product tree until you get to a product number. Prior to placing the CAD symbol, choose your Placement Options and then click Place (located in the lower right corner). AutoCAD will become the active window, the product symbol will be on the cursor ready to place, and the CAD Pack Utilities Menu will load. For further details on how to use the CAD Pack Product Browser, launch the CAD Pack Tutorial or CAD Pack Help.

  • The latest CAD Pack can be downloaded from the Symbol Libraries page. It is recommended to uninstall the older version of CAD Pack prior to installing the latest version.

    If you require more assistance, contact our CAD Pack Technical Support.

  • If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact CAD Pack Technical Support at 616 654 3483 or cadpack@hermanmiller.com

    Technical support is available between 7 am and 5 pm EST, Monday through Friday, excluding US holidays. During off hours, please leave a message and a support representative will return your call.

    If you have questions specific to AutoCAD, refer to your AutoCAD manual, the AutoCAD Help file, or contact your AutoCAD dealer.

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