Geiger Textiles

A stack of blue, white, and grey Geiger Textiles from various collections.

Beauty and Sophistication

With patterns integral to their constructions and a palette of colors found in nature, Geiger Textiles put beauty and sophistication to work. We regularly refresh the offering with new collections to deliver abundant choice and luxury at every price.

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Cultura Collection

Partnering with BassamFellows and Sunbrella, the Cultura Collection is a versatile set of three patterns inspired by the Mexican rebozo.

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Jolie Collection

Four luxurious textiles with a covetable, comfortable texture that evokes a certain je ne sais quoi.

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Academy Collection

Three high-performance textiles with a focused palette and low environmental impact

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Even and Canon

A pair of beautifully coordinated, highly durable, budget-friendly textiles for seating, tackboards, and upholstered walls.

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Taconic Collection

A subtle departure in color and pattern, with an emphasis on traditional constructions.

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Vivien Collection

These five richly textured textiles harken back to the golden age of Hollywood glamour.

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Savona Collection

Five core wool blends that exemplify timelessness and understated luxury.

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Framework Collection

Though its patterning is more complex, Framework shares inspiration with our Solene Collection.

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Solene Collection

For the Solene Collection, BassamFellows created a summery suite of textiles appropriate for all climates.

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Brighton Collection

For their Brighton Collection, BassamFellows drew inspiration from British sporting life and touring cars.

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Sartorial Collection

Geiger Textiles collaborated with BassamFellows to create these five menswear-inspired patterns.

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Milaner and Capri

This pair is reminiscent of hand-woven materials, privileging integrity of construction and blending of natural fibers—including wool, alpaca, and cotton.

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Natural leather hides enrich environments with a feeling of timelessness. Their hardwearing surfaces can develop a stately patina over time.

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Leather Alternatives

Your polyurethane options from Geiger Textiles meet a range of practical and aesthetic needs.

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