June 13, 2016

Geiger Introduces New Crosshatch Seating by EOOS

Launched in 2014, the Crosshatch Chair, designed by EOOS for Geiger, was a surprising departure from the traditional composition of a chair. Featuring parachute cord as seat and back support, the chair’s distinctive look and fine craftsmanship made it an immediate standout in the design community. Two years later, Geiger has worked with Vienna-based EOOS to develop the Crosshatch Stool and Side Chair, two equally well-crafted additions to the family of seating.

Martin Bergmann, Gernot Bohmann, and Harald Gründl of EOOS brought their typical discipline to the new Crosshatch introductions. “We call our design process ‘poetical analysis,’” explains Bohmann. Bergmann continues, “We want to achieve a synthesis of construction and poetical expression. We are fascinated by how much emotional quality comes out of rationality.” Though neither new design features parachute cord, the stool and side chair share the original chair’s lightness of form, thoughtfully considered details, and carefully crafted wood structure.

Featuring a sculpted solid wood seat atop wood legs, the Crosshatch Stool brings a refined aesthetic to bar- or counter-height surfaces, and would be equally appropriate in a workplace, restaurant, or residential setting. The Crosshatch Side Chair has a hand-assembled wood frame, upholstered seat, and an upright posture that supports desk-side chats or other social interactions. In a walnut frame with a dark leather seat, the guest chair takes on a classic executive look, while in white ash and bright upholstery it becomes a vivid element in a modern interior.

Without over-designing any parts, EOOS optimally fashioned each element to serve its function. The gently sculpted forms accentuate the inherent beauty of their materials, crafted with the expertise for which Geiger is known.

About Geiger
At Geiger, why and how things are done are inexorably one—achieving quality through craft, celebrating materiality through elegant simplicity, improving the work environment for individuals through design that endures. Standards of craftsmanship and customer satisfaction set more than 50 years ago by founder John Geiger have driven the company’s growth and continue to inspire people today. Founded in Toronto and headquartered in Atlanta since 1979, Geiger is a wholly owned subsidiary of publicly held Herman Miller, Inc.