June 11, 2018

Geiger Introduces Reframe Lounge Furniture by EOOS

Even as the typical office footprint is shrinking, the popularity of lounge areas keeps growing. People are simply drawn to them for both collaborative and heads-down focused work. As organizations seek to create comfortable and functional lounge areas that support a range of work activities, architects and interior designers are looking for more options to help them realize the potential of these areas.

Designed by EOOS, Reframe Lounge Furniture provides that type of option. With its warm and distinctive aesthetic, this family of chairs and tables lends itself to a mix of collaborative and individual landing spots.

The lounge seating is available in three back heights, all built upon a common base. The mid-back is low, making it ideal for settings that promote communication. The wingback, on the other hand, is designed to limit peripheral distractions and encourage focus. Finally, the high-back provides a balanced blend of comfort and function.

The single base common to all three back versions of the Reframe Lounge Chair is minimal in appearance, but visible outside the upholstered forms. From that foundation, EOOS designed the lounge chairs with a strong internal logic that unifies the seat, backrest, legs, and stretchers both visually and technically.

This logic extends to a suite of coordinating Reframe Tables, which are created from various combinations of two structures and three tops. The tops themselves function as a structural component of the design. The square structure works with square and round tops, while the rectangular structure works with rectangular tops. All tabletops feature a crisp edge that curves smoothly into a reverse bevel. This provides a foil to the rounded tops of the legs, and a visual complement to the upholstery lines of Reframe Lounge Chairs.

About Geiger
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