Product Story

Product Story

Catalyst is a furniture-based system that equips open-plan and private-office vistas with equal ease. Named for the role played by mission-critical teams in law firms, financial-services companies and other professional organizations, Catalyst creates constructive settings for those who provoke action and keep workflows moving. Catalyst anticipates a user's access needs—to colleagues, storage, other activity areas, daylight, technology—intuitively and unobtrusively.

Product Story

Product Story

Catalyst offers storage and technology access specifically tailored to the professions, such as law firms and financial-services organizations. Lower storage accommodates Redweld folders, Pendaflex files and Bankers Boxes, as well as standard legal binders; overhead storage likewise provides for Redweld folders and standard binders.

Product Story

Product Story

Power and data access is within easy reach on worksurfaces, via an integrated, UL-approved power module with connections for electric, USB power and voice/data. A deep, continuous wire chase in the back of storage units, as well as pass-throughs within cabinets, provide easy access to wall and floor outlets. LED task lights provide even, energy-efficient lighting, with cords concealed in the loop support structure.

Product Story

Product Story

Catalyst is the first to offer a free­standing overhead shelf supported only by metal loops: the shelf provides a ledge for conducting casual interactions or a support for overhead storage. In space plans where individual private offices are less common, Catalyst maintains the personal comfort and high material standards of executive offices for those managers and executives now joining open-plan or collaborative settings. A new vocabulary of furniture for the professions, Catalyst furnishes workspaces that place a premium on the people who use them and the contributions they make to the enterprise.


Colin Nourie

Colin Nourie cites inspirations ranging from aeronautical engineering to industrial design.

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Six Basic Elements Comprise Every Configuration

The same storage, work and privacy components comprise every Catalyst open
or private office configuration: base, storage, top, shelf, overhead, divider.

Geiger Catalyst Storage


The one-high credenza also serves as extra seating, while the one-and-a-half-high credenza allows a runoff to be fixed nearly anywhere along the width. With a runoff, the two-high credenza provides the maximum amount of uninterrupted work area.

Geiger Catalyst Drawer and Pullout Tray

Drawer and Pullout Tray

Credenzas can be configured with open cubbies, file drawers
or full-height doors, behind which are shelves or a pullout
tray for stowing laptops and other accessories.


Power System

Storage credenzas provide a 6" continuous wire chase, which houses power modules. Power, voice and data cables from the floor enter 2-1/2" access holes on the storage credenza's bottom panel.


Power Module

Power module is UL-approved for use throughout the United States and includes five outlets on four circuits (one dedicated), one powered USB port and one slot that accepts third-party faceplates for voice and data. Optional hinged runoff top provides access to concealed power module in storage credenza below.


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Indoor Advantage™ Gold Certified


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