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Warranty and Service


  • For warranty repairs, you’ll need to provide information about the product such as the product number and manufacture date along with a description of the issue and a photograph of it.

    Once you have the information related to your issue, contact your Geiger sales representative, the Geiger dealer where you purchased your product, or Customer Service to coordinate any necessary service or repairs.

  • You will need to contact the reseller directly and ask if they can make the repair for you. Because Geiger cannot guarantee the condition or authenticity of the components used by unauthorized resellers, these products are not covered by Geiger's warranty. Buying from an authorized Geiger dealer or retailer gives you two advantages. The first is authenticity. If the product comes from an authorized seller, you can be certain it’s the real thing. Second is warranty. Geiger stands behind every product we make, however, we can't stand behind products whose integrity may have been compromised by unauthorized dealers who may not follow repair protocol or who may use non-standard parts.

  • Please contact your sales representative or to let them know that you're in need of replacement parts. You can access the Customer Service page for contact information. Alternatively, if you know from which dealer you purchased the product, you can contact the dealer directly.