Private Office and Workstations

Geiger One Casegoods

A private office featuring Geiger One Casegoods with a peninsula work surface and storage, a Taper office chair, and two Full Twist Guest Chairs.

Custom fit, finish, and functionality made standard

With Geiger One, we’ve taken what we’ve learned creating customized solutions for clients and used it to inform a new approach to casegoods design. The starting point wasn’t a particular aesthetic or application, but a versatile infrastructure that can be built upon using a standard kit of parts to create spaces that feel custom.

Built in
Atlanta, GA


A two-pack Geiger One Casegoods bench system. One workstation is at standing height while the other is at sitting height with a Taper Chair.

Stepping Up to Meet Rising Expectations

While customization has become the norm for the casegoods category, we've tried to anticipate the majority of custom needs and address them through Geiger One's standard kit of parts.

A close-up of one of Geiger One Casegood's credenza drawers slightly opened, featuring asymmetric pulls, a wood interior, and drawer dividers.

Material World

Expanded material options, including soft-touch or thermally fused laminates, high-gloss acrylics, and solid wood work surfaces, help Geiger One fit a range of tastes and a range of budgets.

A private office featuring Geiger One Casegoods, a Taper Chair, and a Parsons table workstation.

Applications Accepted

Geiger One offers the application flexibility to cover the entire office floorplate, including private and shared offices, open plan environments from reception/admin stations to benching, and collaborative spaces such as coffee bars and more.

A close up of a work station at sitting height from Geiger One Casegoods featuring an exposed plywood edge, matte black leg, and disc foot.

The Height of Height-Adjustability

A variety of sit-to-stand work surfaces are part of the Geiger One standard kit of parts. Two-, three-, or four-leg configurations with a choice of leg styles, top shapes, and materials help improve the ergonomics of any workplace.

A bench system with four workstations featuring Geiger One Casegoods and Taper Chairs.

Design Story

Geiger One was inspired by the needs of organizations today. A wall frame with easy fascia connections is the backbone of the system. It provides structure in the open plan and can be wall-mounted in private offices for faster, more precise installation.

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Best of NeoCon Silver Award for Casegoods