Office Chairs

Bumper Chairs

Angled view of a Bumper side chair with light gray fabric upholstery and a four-leg base.

An artfully simple chair design with an emphasis on comfort

Designed in 1964, Bumper is a true bucket chair, based on principles of the George Washington swivel chair. The Bumper family prioritizes comfort with a nice sweep, good back support, and an intentionally short seat to allow your feet to rest on the floor. The deceptively simple design is nearly seam-free, with the arm cap, inner shell, and outer shell each shaped from one continuous piece of fabric or leather upholstery.

Designed by
Ward Bennett

Built in
Hildebran, NC


Three Bumper Chairs shown at various angles, including office, side, and lounge models.

Triple the Options

The Bumper Chair is available as a side chair with a four-leg base, an office chair with a five-star swivel base suitable for executive offices or conference rooms, and a lounge chair with a four-star swivel-return base.

Partial front view of a Bumper office or conference chair, showing the five-star swivel base.

Masterful Industrial

Legendary designer Ward Bennett brought his signature use of industrial materials to his Bumper Chair design.

Angled view of the bucket seat on a Bumper side chair, showing the inconspicuous seams.

Simple Seat

Subtle in its simplicity is Bumper’s upholstered bucket seat, characterized by its most minimal possible seaming throughout.

Partial side view of a Bumper Chair, focusing on the curved arms.

Design Story

Legendary designer Ward Bennett, one of the earliest American designers to introduce industrial materials to furniture and interiors, brought his signature aesthetic to Bumper Chairs with a tubular metal base, softened by curvilinear upholstered lines.