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Saiba Chair

Angled view of a high-back Saiba office chair with black leather upholstery and a five-star base.

An office chair that’s instantly familiar, yet better than what's come before

With its thoughtfully sculpted silhouette and simplicity of form, the Saiba Chair subtly elevates the atmosphere around it while providing effortless comfort to the person sitting in it. Saiba offers two back options (mid- or high-back) along with two base options (a five-star height-adjustable base with casters and tilt or a four-star base with glides).

Designed by
Naoto Fukasawa

Built in
Hildebran, NC


A private office featuring a mid-back Saiba office chair with light blue upholstery, a height-adjustable base, and casters.

A True Multitasker

Saiba combines the expected qualities of an executive task chair—height adjustment, tilt, casters—with the effortless comfort of a lounge chair.

Close-up of the four-star base on a Saiba conference chair.

Meeting Needs

Saiba is also available in a conference chair version, which features a mid-back or high-back, four-star base, and glides.

Side view of a mid-back Saiba conference chair, showing the curved lines and precision upholstery.

Tailored Up

The expert upholsterers at Geiger follow the Saiba Chair’s curves with exquisite precision for impeccably tailored lines.

Black-and-white image of three mid-back Saiba conference chairs around a conference table.

Design Story

The Saiba Chair exemplifies designer Naoto Fukasawa’s Super Normal philosophy—instantly familiar (normal), and yet better than what’s come before (super). Understanding that “design means observing objectively,” Fukasawa conceived a chair both intuitively beautiful and truly useful.

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