Side Chairs

Bumper Side Chair

Bumper Side Chair with standard arms and four legged base, side view.

Artful simplicity for restaurants, dining rooms, or the C-suite

With a choice of tubular metal base or 4-star swivel base, the Bumper Side Chair is one of many Ward Bennett designs borne of his exploration of industrial materials. The curvilinear upholstery lines soften the overall aesthetic, providing a warm welcome to guests wherever it’s used. Bumper is available with standard arms or low arms that make it easy to avoid bumping into the underside of tables.

Designed by
Ward Bennett

Built in
Hildebran, NC


Bumper Chair group shot with standard arms.

Master of reinvention

One of legendary designer Ward Bennett’s best-known designs, his 1964 Bumper Chair was inspired by the tub-shaped, leather-clad swivel chair used by George Washington in his Mount Vernon estate.

Bumper Side Chair with standard arms and four leg base.

The low-down on arm options

The Bumper Side Chair is available with a choice of arm options. Standard arms provide a place to rest elbows—and a way to avoid neck or shoulder strain while seated at a desk. Low arms make it easy to push chairs in without bumping into the desks or tables, which can mar the upholstery over time.

Bumper Chairs group shot with both low arm and standard arms and all base options.

Upping the ante for upholstery

Geiger’s skilled team of upholsterers are always up for the challenge of Bumper’s fully upholstered seat, with its generous curves, tight allowances, and minimal seaming. We've curated a selection of our top textiles for you to choose from when specifying your Bumper Chair.

Bumper Chair group shot with standard arms.

Design Story

Ward Bennett’s own back problems informed his approach to seating design. As with most of the other chairs and sofas in his oeuvre, his Bumper Chairs feature a comfortable pitch and short seat—both intended to relieve pressure on the sitter’s lower back. “Even as they are sculpture,” Bennett said, “chairs must, first and foremost, support the human frame.”