Domino Storage

A Domino Storage sideboard with a dark wood finish and a mix of grain direction, viewed at an angle.

Elegantly crafted cabinetry that’s also smartly designed storage

Isay Weinfeld set out to update workplace storage to better accommodate the needs of today’s office. His solution, Domino Storage, is so artfully detailed that its rectilinear forms have become a showpiece for Geiger’s woodcraft capabilities. A smartly edited modular cabinetry system, Domino features mitered corners and a playful mix of grain direction.

Designed by
Isay Weinfeld

Built in
Atlanta, GA


Partial view of a Domino Storage credenza with some doors and drawers open.

Edit Your Storage

Choose from two heights—credenza or side board—each available in multiple configurations of filing cabinets, supply compartments, shelving units, and more.

Partial angled view of a Domino Storage credenza, showing a medium wood finish on all sides.

360-Degree Craftsmanship

Because it is finished on all sides, Domino Storage can also serve as a space divider in an open-plan office.

Close-up of a Domino Storage unit, showing three modules with a medium wood finish and a mix of grain direction.

Playful Detail

A spare, rectilinear form is the backdrop for the lively application of quarter-turned wood fronts.

Black-and-white image of a portion of a Domino Storage credenza, showing one open drawer.

Design Story

Recognizing that most storage units were designed with decades-old proportions, Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld set about creating a right-sized modular system. Smartly edited Domino Storage efficiently responds to today’s needs with elegance and Geiger craftsmanship.