H Frame Storage

A two-unit H Frame Storage credenza with a dark wood finish and modules for box drawers and enclosed cabinets.

Timeless storage rooted in modernist principles

A sleek combination of wood and chrome, H Frame Storage reveals its designer’s modernist side. Ward Bennett devised this modular approach to storage, with flexible units of open shelving, enclosed cabinets, file drawers, or box drawers, each bracketed by a metal H-shaped frame. Units can be configured into two-, three-, or four-unit credenzas in an exacting grid that’s finished from all sides, so they can function as low-profile room dividers.

Designed by
Ward Bennett

Built in
Atlanta, GA


An interaction space furnished with a three-unit H Frame Storage credenza, a square H Frame Table, and four black leather Scissor Chairs.

Good Design Is Always Good

Geiger reissued H Frame Storage in 2004, a year after Bennett died and 40 years after it was first introduced. The reissue won Best of NeoCon Gold at the 2004 contract furniture show.

Partial view of an H Frame Storage credenza positioned against a wall.

Out in the Open Plan

Refined H Frame is dual-solution storage, working as both a wall unit and as a stand-alone room divider in an open-plan space.

Overhead view of a partially open drawer in an H Frame Storage credenza, showing the flush-mounted Flip pulls.

Nautical Inspiration

Flush-mounted Ward Bennett Flip Pull is based on nautical hardware.

Overhead view of two open drawers in an H Frame Storage credenza, showing optional inserts for organizing supplies.

Thoughtful Extras

Drawers feature automatic, soft-closing glides and optional inserts for organizing supplies.

Black-and-white image of an H Frame Storage credenza positioned against a wall, with a small bonsai tree atop one module.

Design Story

Ward Bennett designed H Frame Storage in 1963. Geiger acquired the rights in 1993 with the acquisition of Brickel Associates, for whom Bennett had served as principal designer. We reintroduced H Frame as part of our Ward Bennett Business Classics collection in 2004, when it won Best of NeoCon Gold.

A graphic depiction of  a loving cup trophy in a gray circle.


Best of NeoCon Gold Award for Files & Storage

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