Meeting Table

JD Waterfall Table by DatesWeiser

JD Waterfall Table by DatesWeiser in Walnut bar height, full view.

A sleek table that celebrates the beauty of impromptu meetings

The JD Waterfall Table is a powered meeting table designed for impromptu meetings and casual collaborations that happen in open spaces. Available in two active-posture heights, it invites and supports conversations that begin spontaneously then turn substantive. With exquisite wood finishing and miter-fold construction that highlights the woodgrain as it “flows” over the table’s edges, this is a table that speaks to beauty’s ability to inspire.

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Built in
Buffalo, NY


JD Waterfall Table by DatesWeiser meeting table in Oak with Crosshatch Stools and conference rooms in the background.

Meeting amenability

While JD Waterfall Table is ideal for spaces where people naturally congregate, including open areas near workstations, break areas, and conference rooms, it also supports formal meetings by providing power for any device.

JD Waterfall Table by DatesWeiser in Oak Counter Height, power detail view.

Low-profile power

USB-A and USB-C power, which can be placed either at the top or the edge of the table, are easily accessible and discreet, and the grain remains constant.

JD Waterfall Table by DatesWeiser in Walnut bar height, side detail view.

Enduring beauty

With the miter-fold construction allowing the grain to flow over edges without disruption, the table boasts the craftsmanship and durability that are the hallmarks of DatesWeiser.