Occasional Tables

Reframe Tables

A square Reframe occasional table with a medium wood finish, viewed at an angle.

A range of coffee tables and side tables with a unifying internal logic

The Reframe Table kit of parts consists of two structures and three top shapes, which themselves function as a structural component of the design. The square structure works with square and round tops; the rectangular structure works with rectangular tops. The crisp edge of the tabletops curve smoothly into a reverse bevel, which complements the upholstery lines of coordinating Reframe Lounge Seating.

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Hildebran, NC


Three Reframe occasional tables with light, medium, and black finishes.

Shape Shifters

Round, square, and rectangular tops and square and rectangular structures can be used to form a range of coffee tables and side tables.

Partial view of a square Reframe occasional table, showing the curved edges.

Crisp Curves

Crisp tabletop edges curve smoothly into a reverse bevel, which complements the upholstery lines of Reframe Lounge Seating.

Close-up of a Reframe occasional table, showing a light matte wood finish.

Shine Off

Matte wood finishes add to the sophisticated aesthetic.

Black-and-white image showing a portion of two Reframe lounge chairs next to a square Reframe occasional table.

Design Story

The designers of EOOS set out to design a family of lounge furniture with a strong internal logic. For Reframe Lounge Chairs, this means setting the upholstered forms of the seats and backrests upon a common, minimal base. The sculpted tops of Reframe Table are set upon a similar base structure.

A graphic depiction of  a loving cup trophy in a gray circle.


Best of NeoCon Editors’ Choice Award

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