Leatherwrap Sit-to-Stand Desk

Leatherwrap Sit-to-Stand Desk in walnut and black leather, two drawers, angled view.

Raise your expectations for height-adjustable desks

The Leatherwrap Sit-to-Stand Desk by Geiger marries proven ergonomics with impeccable construction, premium details, and residential appeal wherever it's used—private office or home office. At first glance, Leatherwrap is a classic four-leg table desk. With the touch of a discreet button, however, four thoughtfully concealed motors work in unison to extend the veneer-wrapped legs, enhancing the desk’s warm, approachable form with surprising functionality.

Designed by

Built in
Hildebran, NC


Two Leatherwrap Sit-to-Stand Desks in walnut and oak finishes, viewed at an angle.

Customized for each customer

A choice of left, right, or double storage drawers and left, right, or center cord drop location provides flexibility.

The Leatherwrap Sit-to-Stand Desk in corporate office setting detail shot with open drawer.

That's a wrap

All desktops are wrapped in Bristol premium leather.

A corporate office setting with the Leatherwrap Sit-to-Stand Desk and Eames Soft Pad chair.

Never felt better

Optional storage drawers are lined with Spinneybeck® FilzFelt® for a premium finished look and feel.

A home office setting with the Leatherwrap Sit-to-Stand Desk, Saiba office chair and Crosshatch Settee.

Design Story

BassamFellows set out to address a common failing of most height-adjustable desks. "We wanted to go back to the principle that it's a piece of furniture first," said Craig Bassam. "The technology should be invisible." Their design seamlessly blends elegance and high function in a very Geiger way.

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