Product Story

Product Story

The MP Table is designed on a crisply proportioned platform of metal columns melded with flat-blade metal feet. For larger tables, MP provides an elegant alternative to segmented bases, with a blended frame that softens transitions from the stretcher to the table's columns. The effect is industrial, luxurious and light. From personal-size work table to expansive meeting table, MP scales gracefully without sacrificing its lightness. "I designed MP to be light, with tops that appear to float," says designer Amir Paknya.

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Product Story

Product Story

The transition between sitting and standing—an important part of a healthful workday—can be accommodated beautifully by MP Height-Adjustable Tables. The tables offer four programmable preset heights and adjust with a touch of a button. The design is an extension of the MP Table line designed for Geiger by Amir Paknya, and shares the same crisp proportions. Tops are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials.


Amir Paknya

Amir Paknya always has had an eye for clean lines and simple curves.


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26" height
24" x 24" to 42" x 84"
Round, Square,
Rectangular, Oblong


29" height
24" x 24" to 60" x 240"
Round, Square,
Rectangular, Oblong,
Racetrack, Half Boat


42" height
24" to 48"
Round, Square


1-1/2" or 1-1/4" thick wood veneered with specified edge
1/2" thick low-lead, starfire, non-tempered clear glass
1/2" thick low-iron, backpainted glass with 3/4" thick subtop




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Indoor Advantage™ Gold Certified


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