Lounge Seating

Crosshatch Chair and Ottoman

Angled view of a Crosshatch lounge chair and ottoman with off-white fabric and a light wood frame.

A striking balance of industrial materials and craft techniques

By using a minimum of common materials in a maximally inventive way, Crosshatch Chair creates a feeling of being enveloped in a protective nest. Its distinctive cording and graceful curved frame is the work of Austrian design firm EOOS.

Designed by

Built in
Hildebran, NC


Close-up on the back and side of a Crosshatch lounge chair, showing the parachute cords that form a lattice to support the wood frame.

Refined Tension

Parachute cords, a material common to other industries (though not typically used in furniture), create a lattice held taut to support the gracefully curved wood frame.

A casual meeting space featuring light gray Crosshatch lounge chairs and light blue Tuxedo Classic Lounge Seating.

Lightweight and Transparent

Crosshatch envelops you like a nest as you sit. Without the bulky presence of a club chair, its transparent aesthetic helps it look right at home in a variety of environments.

Black-and-white image of hands installing parachute cords on a Crosshatch lounge chair.

Design Story

Design legend Ward Bennett’s pioneering use of industrial materials inspired the designers of EOOS in their material selection for the Crosshatch Chair. The designers’ use of parachute cords—a common industrial material—would have earned Bennett's approval.

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