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Clamshell Lounge Chair

Angled view of a low-back Clamshell Lounge Chair with black leather upholstery and four wood legs.

Status and luxury conveyed through comfort and material honesty

The Clamshell family of seating not only took its name from nature, but also its handsome form and inherent strength. The natural curve of the wood shell provides structural integrity without need for a frame, while Geiger’s advanced veneer molding technology finishes the form flawlessly. The Clamshell Lounge Chair offers a choice of a high-back shell set atop a four-star polished aluminum base on glides or a low-back shell set atop four solid wood legs.

Designed by

Built in
Hildebran, NC

Angled view of a low-back Clamshell Lounge Chair with off-white fabric upholstery and light-ash legs.

Design Story

In designing their Clamshell family of seating, Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows were inspired by the philosophy of Eero Saarinen, who believed that the most timeless and elegant furniture is a structural whole that, absent excess decoration, can be reduced to its essence.

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