Lounge Seating

Tuxedo Classic Lounge Seating

Angled view of a Tuxedo Classic sofa with dark gray quilted upholstery.

The flexibility of sectional seating wrapped in tailored elegance

Tuxedo Classic Lounge Seating is all about comfort and elegance. With a base built on wood legs that sits closer to the floor than that of its cousin, Tuxedo Component Lounge Seating, Tuxedo Classic offers a more traditional, anchored aesthetic. Craftsmanship is evident in the upholstery details, with gently rounded and top-stitched arm panels and cushions that can be quilted for a handcrafted feel.

Designed by

Built in
Hildebran, NC


Side view of a Tuxedo Classic club chair upholstered in dark gray fabric.

Priority Postures

Tuxedo Classic allows the sitter to perch upright in a meeting, sit back and dig into working on a laptop, or relax in casual comfort.

Angled view of the seat and lower back of a Tuxedo Classic club chair, showing the thick cushions.

Depth of Comfort

Dual-density foam cushions offer firm support beneath Tuxedo’s tailored surface.

Front view of the seat and back of a dark gray Tuxedo Classic club chair, showing the quilted upholstery.

Detail Oriented

Tuxedo’s seat and back cushions can be quilted, providing a distinctive aesthetic and a softly tailored surface.

Black-and-white image of a sitting area featuring Tuxedo Classic Lounge Seating and a Tuxedo Component coffee table.

Design Story

Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows formed BassamFellows with a shared vision—to return true craftsmanship and beauty to contemporary living. Tuxedo Classic Lounge Seating extends the range of their Tuxedo Component Lounge Seating family by adding a more traditional sofa appearance to the line.