Lounge Seating

Sled Chair

Angled view of a Sled lounge chair with black leather upholstery and an X-shaped steel frame.

Pairing Ward Bennett’s love of industrial materials and pursuit of comfort

The Sled Chair draws the eye to its distinctive base—tubular steel welded into an X-shape and mounted on parallel rails. Adding to the bold statement, the seat and back form luxurious ribbed lines, and can be upholstered in a range of textiles to cradle the sitter in uncompromising comfort.

Designed by
Ward Bennett

Built in
Hildebran, NC

Close-up on the ribbed seat and back of a Sled lounge chair with black leather upholstery, viewed from the side.

Design Story

As one of the first American designers to use industrial materials in design, Ward Bennett helped forecast the high-tech look of the 1970s. First produced in 1966, his Sled Chair, with its industrial-style welded tubular steel frame, fits with Bennett’s belief that “real beauty asks to be used.”