Lounge Seating

Mantle Sofas

Mantle Lounge Seating, Capri Stone, Walnut Wood Base, Three Seater Sofa

A familiar design with brand-new proportions

With functionality for the open plan in mind, BassamFellows designed Mantle Lounge Seating with an emphasis on form and craft. Simple and elegant detailing with a hint of edginess, there is no sacrifice of comfort and space with Mantle Sofas. Made to be flexible and progressive, Mantle components foster collaboration, comfort, and productivity.

Designed by

Built in
Hildebran, NC


Mantle Lounge Seating, Capri Stone, Walnut Wood Base, Three Seater Sofa

Create Visual Softness

Mantle Sofas bring modularity to the forefront with an easily detachable overlay pillow cushion, creating a sense of relaxed comfort ideal to build a living room around.

Mantle Lounge Seating, Three Seater Sofa

Look Sharp

Pared back without the cushion gives Mantle’s thin L-profile an edge without sacrificing comfort.

Mantle Sofa, Mantle Lounge Seating, Capri Stone, Walnut Wood Base

All in the Carefully Executed Details

A legacy of craft is continued with refined detail, adding elegance, beautiful contrast, and unique artistry.

BassamFellows portrait

Design Story

Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows formed BassamFellows with a shared vision—to return true craftsmanship and beauty to contemporary living. Mantle Lounge Seating is the modern reimagination of its finely tailored predecessor, Tuxedo Component Lounge Seating. With the ever-evolving lounge seating needs of commercial settings, BassamFellows responds with flexible and progressive seating design solutions that create modular versatility for social and collaborative interactions.